Dog Walking


Daily walks provide dogs with the mental and physical stimulation they need to thrive. Walking allows a dog to fulfill their instincts to migrate and explore, as well as satisfying their socialization needs with other people and dogs in your neighborhood!



All Anytime K9 walkers are bonded and insured, and go through a thorough hiring and training process, including a background check.

We do walk dogs together in groups based on location and scheduling. We do not walk more than 4 dogs together. A solitary walk for your pooch can be arranged for an additional $5 fee.

We do our best to arrive within a two hour window—one hour prior to and one hour later than your scheduled time.

Anytime K9 will only walk dogs with the following collar types: Flat Buckle, Body Harness, or Gentle Leader/Halti. We will not use prong or pinch collars.

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Meet and Greet

To begin, we always set up a meet and greet with your walker, which is a one time $21 fee. If your permanent walker changes, you will have the option of coordinating an additional meet and greet at no charge.

The meet and greet is a great opportunity for you to get to know your walker and share any important details about your home and pet. It is also a time for the walker to evaluate your dog and receive two sets of keys from you. We will also locate a safe place to attach a lockbox for emergency walking purposes.

If you have a meet and greet, but ultimately decide against using our services, the meet and greet fee is still due at


If you need a walk added, altered, or cancelled, please let us know by 9am. A late fee of $5 will be added for requests made after 9am. Weekend walks should be requested by 9am on Friday morning. We do not do potty breaks on weekends.

All Off Peak walks are between 4pm and 7pm on weekdays and between 11am and 6pm on weekends.

If you choose to leave your keys with a concierge, we will wait 10 minutes at the desk for someone to provide us with a key. Beyond that time, it will be at the walker’s discretion how to proceed based on their schedule. Lockboxes are available in many cases.

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Inclement Weather Policy

Anytime K9 follows the federal government inclement weather policy.

If the federal government is on liberal leave, Anytime K9 reserves the right to close as well.

If an inclement weather closing occurs during a pet sit, we will make every attempt to fulfill our service.

In the event of heavy precipitation or extreme temperatures, outside walk time may be shortened.


New Year's Day / Martin Luther King Jr. Day / Memorial Day / Independence Day / Labor Day / Thanksgiving / Christmas.

Dog walking services are suspended on these major holidays. Pet sitting services are available with an additional surcharge of $20 and are subject to walker availability.

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PetCheck Technology

PetCheck Technology is a revolutionary new service enhancement that provides you with real-time certainty of when and where your dog is walked. You can also review your schedule and request walks online, and all walks are billed through an automated system.

How it works

You will receive a secure, personalized QR code magnet. Our walkers will use this barcods to scan in and out of your house with their mobile phone. You will receive an automated email alert each time the barcode is scanned, Once the walk starts, GPS will track the route the walker takes with your dog. At the end of the walk, the map and notes the walker enters about the walk will be emailed to you immediately. There is a fire hydrant icon representing that your dog has peed and a shovel icon denoting poo.

You will have your own online management page for information, scheduling, and billing! You will have the freedom to set up your walking schedule online as you will have discussed with the walker during the meet and greet.

Pet Check

Get the App


Credit card charges will appear from PetCheck Technology after services are rendered and will be processed Sunday night.

You will receive email receipts each time your card is charged. You will also receive an email when your card is 30 and 15 days from expiration.

You can view your current balance or past invoices online at any time.

Your daily dog walking rates are not based on the use of this technology. We try to provide excellent service and dependability, and use PetCheck as a tool to enhance our accountability, not a gadget to increase your rates.

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not available on weekends





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This inital fee covers the walker's trip to become acquainted with your dog, your home, and you!



added to any walk scheduled at 4pm or later and to all weekend walks



for dogs who need to walk by themselves



added to any walk scheduled at 4pm or later and to all weekend walks